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THRIVE…An inspirational art exhibition with a vision.
14th - 18th May 2014, The Sanderson Hotel, London

In 2014 we were extremely lucky to have an incredible group of artists working with us to reverse the decline of the tiger. These talented individuals came together and created an amazing array of tiger inspired art works which were exhibited at the Sanderson, London, and then auctioned in aid of Save Wild Tigers at the Mango Tree tiger dinner, helping to raise vital finds for our tiger conservation projects. 

This stunning exhibition was curated by Lauren Baker.

Lauren Baker is a contemporary multimedia artist producing sculptural works and has curated art installations and exhibited at Tate Britain and Tate modern, and art directed the windows of Selfridges, Browns and Harrods. She has exhibited worldwide, with shows in the UK, U.S.A. and Europe. Baker’s most intricate work; The Crystal Tiger, is a life-size tiger head sculpture encrusted with 52,000 Swarovski crystals.

"Lauren Baker is an artist we'll definitely be watching out for in 2014’’. Tate Curator, Carey Robinson


Our 2014 SWT art exhibition artists

Bellerby and Co
Peter Bellerby is an artisan globemaker and the owner of Bellerby and Co - a small studio of craftsmen and artists in North London. Peter and his team have created hundreds of some of the most sought after globes on the planet, each one meticulously handcrafted. Bellerby and Co generously makde and donated one of their incredible globes, illustrated by Chiara Lisa Perano. It was a truly a unique and wonderful piece.

Cassandra Yap

Originally from Singapore, Cassandra Yap is an illustrator and art director based in London. Her work often explores the juxtaposition between dark and beautiful subjects to create the surreal. Her photomontage halftone style illustrations are dark, bold and humorous with a kinky edge. She has collaborated with photographer Jez Tozer for a fashion story in Wonderland Magazine, and commissions include British Jeweller Bobby White London, Moussy and Lui's Menswear Tokyo, and most recently, a series of screen prints for Dalston Superstore’s Dalston Screentests show.



Chapter's pop-gothic style of art can be seen at London's Westbank gallery, Urban In Ibiza, Urban Spaces Hotel Ibiza and on the walls of collectors such as Fatboy Slim. He has contributed to Pacha magazine and sold art at the Smile Britannia Auction at the Houses Of Parliament. He also creates designs for his own Chapter fashion label producing silk scarves, women's wear and t-shirts. London born and bred, he now resides in Ibiza.


Chiara Lisa Perano

Founder of Lamplighter London, Chiara Lisa Perano is an illustrator and designer by trade, and a self-taught modern calligrapher. Her style is evocative, whimsical and unique. Working on bespoke design commissions, luxury event artwork and artist collaborations, Lamplighter London has seen a wealth of industry praise, appealing to creative, discerning and celebrity clientele. Chiara's artwork for Save Wild Tigers was an illustrative collaboration with esteemed globemaker Peter Bellerby. 


Chris Wright

A self-taught artist from Norfolk, Chris now lives in Surrey. Shortlisted for the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year awards for three consecutive years, and Highly Commended by the panel of expert judges, his reputation continues to grow internationally, selling to collectors worldwide. He has been one of the top-selling artists at London’s annual Animal Art Fair since 2011.


Claire Bentley Smith

Originally a more traditional artist and illustrator, Claire embarked on a career painting portraits in watercolour, then illustrating for books & magazines, developing a fluid ink style. As word of mouth spread, so did her creative horizons. Over the last decade, a myriad of colourful clients have lead Claire to experiment with an entire spectrum of materials, subjects and challenges. Bentley Smith regularly switches hats between production design, mural painting, live art, illustration, body painting, prop making, and tutoring. A constantly adaptable creative chameleon!


Clara Bacou

Clara Bacou’s playful illustrations are inspired by narrative and its expansive potential in the everyday world around her. Her character design, portraiture and graphic novels explore themes of the human psyche zanily through bright colour and anthropomorphism. Clara’s illustrations have been selected for shows in Toronto, Budapest, Florence and London. She has worked as a young curator for Tate’s official youth collective and as an illustration assistant for Edge Design and Lauren Baker. She is now working as a silkscreen and sign painting apprentice for designer Matthew McGuinness. Clara is currently studying graphic design.


Gary Hodges

Gary hodges is the UK's top pencil artist with many awards to his name, including "Published Artist of the Year" three times. He has released 127 different limited editions from his wildlife drawings, with only 12 still available. This amounts to over 107,000 personally signed prints sold. His many thousands of admirers include Virginia McKenna, Kristin Davis, Rula Lenska, Pam St Clement, Michaela Strachan and Jenny Seagrove. A limited edition book (1,000 copies) titled HEART & SOUL has been published about his life and drawings.


Jane McCracken

Scottish Artist Jane Lee McCracken makes intricate multi-layered Biro drawings and constructs multi-media objects and installations inspired by her drawings.  Her work is impassioned by childhood memoires, fairy tales, forests and animals.  Along with her continuing interest in war and loss, Jane’s drawings are both beautiful and symbolic of life’s brutal reality.  She has exhibited across the UK.


Laura Lian

Laura is a professional and ‘listed’ artist having sold at Christie’s and Bonham auction houses. Her work is diverse, from portrait sculptures to steel structures for public places. Laura is passionate about wildlife and likes to help raise money for charity through auctioning her art.  Collectors include Bernie Ecclestone, Rachel Hunter and Dermot Desmond.


Magnus Gjoen

Having left the fashion industry, Gjoen brings a touch of punk- sensibility to the art tradition. Working to shed new light on past treasures, Magnus' prints alter the relationships between the viewer and the preconceived notions of objects; something which is ostensibly powerful and destructive is transfigured into beautiful and fragile objects of art, be it weapons, animals or the human race itself. Taking inspiration from the street and pop art and juxtaposing it with fine art, Magnus creates new and modern takes on old masterpieces, questioning the correlation between religion, war beauty, destruction and art. 


Mark Powell

London-based artist Mark Powell reuses old envelopes as canvases to produce incredible drawings. His sketches are made using only a Biro pen, and they often incorporate original stamps and postage marks. By recycling the envelopes, he is in some way preserving a bit of history and the tales behind the sender. He says this is why his work, which is primarily portraiture, focuses on older characters that appear to tell their own stories from the very creases and wrinkles of their faces. Powell’s portraits are amusing in the way they incorporate the lines and postage stamps of the envelopes into the wrinkles and shading of each distinct face. Each portrait becomes as much about the canvas as it is about the person depicted, adding another layer to examine as the viewer gets lost in the eyes of the subject.


Mikey Brain

Mikey Brain is a London-based visual artist, abstract painter and illustrator. As an abstract painter his work is planned yet spontaneous, combining the contrived and impromptu, developing through experimentation. Mikey’s Illustration and figurative work blends conventional character and figurative techniques with slight abstract tweaks, often referencing different eras, tribes, races, religions and cultures within the same piece of work. Exhibiting in London, Leeds, Ibiza and Birmingham he has participated in live art battles, illustrated for various record labels, provided live art experiences for festivals, events and live music shows and has created a bespoke hotel room in Ibiza.


Otto Schade

Otto is a Chilean-German Artist, Architect and Urban Sculptor living in Europe since 2004.  He has been painting since 1996 exhibiting his work in collectives and solo exhibitions in Chile, Germany, United States, England, Japan, Netherland, Russia and Paris. His work shows 2 different typologies of paintings. One related with the dreams, onirics situations (surreal). The other one related with the abstract world in which he has been experimenting with layers, creating deepness in his sort of spacial representations. He has also been experimenting with collages and graffiti. He usually works on canvas, paper, boards or walls.  


Pampa Louzao

Pampa Louzao is an artist born in Buenos Aires, who works mainly in monochrome drawings. His large works are made in black ink (ballpoint pen), but also he includes colour into smaller pieces. Invaded by the surreal essence, his work is full of etheric ideology and theories relating to the evolution of Planet Earth into light. In his drawings and paintings, several factors are intertwined and interrelated as animals, humans, nature, architecture and geometry, achieving a certain kind of balance. At this time he is completely devoted to his personal work entitled indigo and also struggles to raise consciousness of people through his work.


Roger Hooper

Roger Hooper is a photographer who is passionate about wildlife and the environment. He has photographed many extraordinary aspects of our planet and sees photography as a way of informing others of the frailty of the world around us.


Rohan Chhabra 

Born in India in 1987, Rohan holds a degree in Fashion and Industrial Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. The focus of his work is to create a disturbing experience that moves from aesthetics to moral reflexion. His work has received critical acclaim for its craftsmanship and for its socially informed, relevant and responsive nature. Rohan's new project 'Endangered' aims to inform the issue of extinction of critical endangered species. Its an issue that effects him personally as an artist and a citizen.


Shannon Rose Lane

Shannon Rose Lane’s sickly sweet sculptures investigate the human psychology behind blind consumerism of synthetic and artificial substances. Her sculpture’s carry an infantile presence, which is juxtaposed with the sinister reality of the corporate world. Using a variety of dimensions, including smell and taste, Shannon toys with the viewer’s experience with her artwork both mentally and physically. Sugar – coated irony questions if ignorance really is bliss in the modern day.



Yanskiy has had a long journey discovering art -  working as an assistant to a lot of artists in diverse disciplines from fiber glass, ceramics, painting and embellishing. She decided to start her own art practice that will take its own turns and twists. Yanskiy's White & Black collection of paintings explore the uncertainties and grey areas of our lives and thoughts that run through our minds; hence using only white and black acrylic paint. 



Photo album: 
THRIVE: Save Wild Tiger Art Exhibition

THRIVE - Our 2014 Save Wild Tigers Art Exhibition

  • Lauren Baker
  • Bellerby and Co Globe Makers
  • Jane McCracken
  • Mark Powell
  • Magnus Gjoen
  • Chiara Lisa Perano
  • Pampa Louzao
  • Cassandra Yap
  • Otto Schade
  • Clara Bacou
  • Chapter
  • Rohan Chhabra
  • Mikey Brain
  • Claire Bentley-Smith
  • Shannon Rose Lane
  • Chris Wright
  • Yanskiy - We never cry
  • Shannon Rose Lane - Raw Silence
  • Rohan Chhabra - Hunter Jacket
  • Roger Hooper - Bengal Tiger
  • Pampa Louzao - Last Roar of Innocence
  • Otto Schade - Cry of the Tiger
  • Mikey Brain - Ayyapan
  • Mark Powell - Ticking Clocks Pay No Attention
  • Magnus Gjoen - Panthera Tigris
  • Laura Lian - Ghost Tiger
  • Jane Lee McCracken - Butterfly Lover
  • Gary Hodges - Majesty
  • Gary Hodges - Supreme
  • Gary Hodges - Angel Eyes
  • Clara Bacou - Kumari
  • Claire Bentley Smith - No legend Yet
  • Chris Wright - He ain't heavy
  • Chapter - Cherish
  • Cassandra Yap - Tiger Bomb
  • Bellerby & co and Chiara Lisa Perano - Terra Tigris
  • Bellerby & co and Chiara Lisa Perano - Terra Tigris