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Does it really matter? Simon Clinton, founder of SWT, talks about the current situation the wild tiger faces in the lead up to global tiger day, July 29th 2014

I was asked by a BBC radio presenter recently, “does it really matter that wild tigers may soon become extinct, surely that’s evolution?" I don’t really need to tell you what my answer was!

Unfortunately, the plight of the wild tiger is symbolic of the issues facing our wildlife worldwide. Poaching (led by the demand for animal parts and skins) and habitat destruction & fragmentation (often resulting in increased human/animal conflict),  are two major issues which are not just decimating wild tiger populations, but are killing off rhinos, elephants, lions and numerous other species at an alarming rate.

If we can’t win the fight to save one of the world’s most iconic species - the wild tiger - then what hope lies for the rest?

So my answer is simple. Yes it does matter. It matters because after millions of years of existence on this planet, in as few as 10-15 years, many of these iconic species could be extinct in the wild forever, their habitat dead or destroyed and whole ecosystems wiped out as a result. Imagine the oldest rainforest in the world , in Malaysia for example, gone forever, together with the Malayan Tiger? How can we let that happen?

July 29th is World Tiger day, and today we can announce that official estimates for wild Tiger numbers are down, probably as few as 3,000 globally.

So if you also think saving the wild tiger matters, please make yourself heard and do something to help. We need fresh thinking, fresh emphasis, fresh impetus, if we have any hope of changing the tigers current path to extinction.

Let’s inspire the generation out there today about the value and inherent majesty of the wild tiger for the sake of future generations… lets ensure that art galleries and zoo`s don’t become the only legacy for the tiger we don’t succeed.

Together we can make a difference so please join me in the fight back and help #inspire4tigers

Thank you …..
Simon Clinton… Founder Save Wild Tigers.

Lifestyle Asia: Travel in style - 5 of Thailand’s most exclusive rides

An incredible journey for an incredible cause.

Lifestyle Asia: The Eastern & Oriental Express ‘Save Wild Tigers’ train trip makes it into the top 5 of Thailand’s most exclusive rides...

Between 2 and 6 October Eastern & Oriental Express will take you through the region’s historical tiger habitats from Singapore, through Malaysia and Thailand. Up to 30 percent of the ticket price will go to tiger conservations programmes.

Guests can look forward to a gala dinner and charity auction at the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, which will be attended by members of the Malaysian Royal Family and celebrities as well as a night in Raffles, Singapore, two nights on the Eastern & Oriental Express and one night at the Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok.

The five night adventure also includes a a private viewing of a specially curated tiger-art exhibition, at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang, the chance to tour the tiger’s jungle habitat with the expert guides, and a cruise along the River Kwai.

To make a booking go

Read the full article at lifestyle Asia here -

Mango Tree Tiger Dinner a hit with Quintessentially

Great article on our MangoTree tiger dinner by Quintessentially Travel - have a read about what they thought of our incredible Mango Tree dinner, the amazing art work and their excitement for our upcoming fundraising journey on board the Orient Express -

Image (c) Marcel Stecker

The Legend of the last South China Tiger by Jane Lee McCracken

Written and Drawn especially for SAVE WILD TIGERS - The legend of the last South China Tiger by Jane Lee McCracken

‘Yin and Yang’, 2013, Black and Neon Orange Biro Drawing

And so the legend of the last wild South China tiger begins …

Under the constellation of the White Tiger of the West, protected by the sacred Tigress Warriors of Yin, the last wild South China tiger cub, Amoy cowers behind the most powerful of the Tigress Warriors. Amoy can hear the reverberation of horses’ hooves coming closer. In the East under the constellation of the Azure Dragon, the warriors of Yang ride out in search of Amoy. Clouds of dust raised by the galloping cavalry form Goddesses of Love in the sky, who anticipate his capture; for the Azure Dragon prizes the bones of the White Tiger’s children. Misguidedly he thinks tiger parts cure disease and heighten passion and has slain Amoy’s relatives one by one. But the Tigress Warriors are brave and fearless and their swords are sharp.

Amoy’s eyes widen with fear as the cavalry draws closer. ‘Butterfly Lover’, 2014 Black and Neon Orange Biro Drawing. Amoy has survived and thrived under the protection of the Tigress Warriors and grown into the most magnificent male tiger that ever lived in China. He rolls on his back in the sunshine and plays with butterflies. Softly the music of the ‘Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto’ drifts over him and turns into musical notes glistening on his sleek fur. Then, the butterflies begin to transform and suddenly the beautiful face of Zhu Yingtai appears on the wings of the first butterfly. Amoy is so entranced by her beauty, he begins to dream of a mate. All of a sudden the face of the most beautiful tigress he could ever imagine emerges on the wings of the second butterfly. Zhu Yingtai and Liang Shanbo, the ‘Butterfly Lovers’, begin to appear on his fur. Amoy smiles – he rolls over and dreams of his mate and the survival of his species, and continues to play with butterflies.


Jane wrote this legend especially for Save Wild Tigers. ‘Yin and Yang’ was inspired by images from the films ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’, Ang Lee, 2000, ‘Hero’, Zhang Yimou, 2002, ‘House of the Flying Daggers’, Zhang Yimou, 2004, ‘Red Cliff’, John Woo, 2008 and ‘2046’, Wong Kar-wai, 2004. She took her own still photographs of all five films and used them as inspiration for this drawing. Chinese actresses Zhang Ziyi and Faye Wong become the Goddesses in the clouds of Yang. The fate of some captive South China tigers is reflected on the sword of the most powerful Tigress Warrior. ‘Butterfly Lover’ the second drawing made specially for Save Wild Tigers, was inspired by the epic and moving ‘Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto’, Chen Gang and He Zhanhao, 1959 (梁祝小提琴协奏曲 the Chinese title appearing on the fur of Amoy’s shoulder). The face of the heroine Zhu Yingtai from the old Chinese legend ‘Butterfly Lovers’ is that of Faye Wong from ‘2046’. Jane’s drawings symbolise the fate of the South China tiger subspecies, which is thought to survive only in captivity but also carries a message of hope; that Save Wild Tigers are working tirelessly to ensure other tiger subspecies will continue to play with butterflies.

These images will be released later this year as new designs for Jane’s luxury fine English China limited edition plate series, as the ‘South China Tiger’ diptych made by THE NEW ENGLISH of Stokeon- Trent.

'Butterfly Lover' is the second Biro drawing in the diptych 'South China Tiger' donated to save wild tigers by Jane Lee McCracken. A series of Luxury Limited Edition 20 signed prints are available to buy on Janes website with ALL profits from each print sold donated to SAVE WILD TIGERS. 

Find out more by clicking on this link . 

'Butterfly Lover', Luxury Limited Edition of 20 Signed Prints, £225 inclusive P&P. 


THRIVE features on the ITV London news

The news story features Lauren Baker and Save Wild Tigers founder, Simon Clinton, talking about the incredible art work and the artists that have come together to raise vital funds for such an important cause. 

Thank you again to all our wonderful artists and volunteers who made this happen.

Please take a look at the link below and please share -