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Does it really matter? Simon Clinton, founder of SWT, talks about the current situation the wild tiger faces in the lead up to global tiger day, July 29th 2014.

'I was asked by a BBC radio presenter recently, “does it really matter that wild tigers may soon become extinct, surely that’s evolution?" I don’t really need to tell you what my answer was!

Unfortunately, the plight of the wild tiger is symbolic of the issues facing our wildlife worldwide. Poaching (led by the demand for animal parts and skins) and habitat destruction & fragmentation (often resulting in increased human/animal conflict),  are two major issues which are not just decimating wild tiger populations, but are killing off rhinos, elephants, lions and numerous other species at an alarming rate.

If we can’t win the fight to save one of the world’s most iconic species - the wild tiger - then what hope lies for the rest?

So my answer is simple. Yes it does matter. It matters because after millions of years of existence on this planet, in as few as 10-15 years, many of these iconic species could be extinct in the wild forever, their habitat dead or destroyed and whole ecosystems wiped out as a result. Imagine the oldest rainforest in the world , in Malaysia for example, gone forever, together with the Malayan Tiger? How can we let that happen?

July 29th is World Tiger day, and today we can announce that official estimates for wild Tiger numbers are down, probably as few as 3,000 globally.

So if you also think saving the wild tiger matters, please make yourself heard and do something to help. We need fresh thinking, fresh emphasis, fresh impetus, if we have any hope of changing the tigers current path to extinction.

Let’s inspire the generation out there today about the value and inherent majesty of the wild tiger for the sake of future generations… lets ensure that art galleries and zoo`s don’t become the only legacy for the tiger we don’t succeed.

Together we can make a difference so please join me in the fight back and help #inspire4tigers

Thank you …..'

Simon Clinton… Founder Save Wild Tigers.


INSPIRE - A collection of not-to-be missed inspirational events coming to Malaysia this September/October all in aid of Save Wild Tigers...

On the back of our incredible THRIVE art exhibition this May at the Sanderson London, Inspire launches with a tiger inspired contemporary art exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. Showcasing a collection of spectacular art using a variety of exciting mediums, the exhibition will combine work from some of Malaysia’s most talented artists as well as those from London, including the highly accomplished artist and THRIVE curator, Lauren Baker who will be exhibiting her simply stunning Crystal Tigress.
All art will be auctioned at The Majestic Tiger Reception & Dinner on the 3rd October. Sponsored by YTL, this event will be held at The Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Playing host to royalty, international celebrities and ambassadors, the evening will also kindly welcome the dinner`s Royal Patron - Her Royal Highness Sultanah of Pahang. This sensational evening will be a combination of elegance and inspiration. A tiger inspired fashion show, created by the esteemed Malaysian based Tom Abang Saufi, will support a series of exquisite pieces of entertainment which will run throughout the evening and is supported by our fashion patron, Prof Datuk (Dr) Jimmy Choo.
Guests on board the E&O tiger express will also been joining the dinner as part of the journey (see more details below).

This incredible trip will begin on the 2nd of October 2014 at the renowned Raffles hotel in Singapore. Enjoy a luxurious evening stay and glamorous breakfast reception at this iconic hotel, known for its intoxicating blend of luxury, history and colonial ambience. Indulge in a scrumptious breakfast on the 3rd of October before boarding the Eastern and Oriental Express where your journey begins. Savour the scenery and travel up in to Malaysia through gently unfolding rural landscapes in the heart of the tiger's historical habitat. Arrive in Kuala Lumpur early evening and transfer to the magnificent five star Majestic hotel in Kuala Lumpur for a star studded drinks reception and gala dinner. This exclusive event will most definitely be a memorable night not to be missed! Following the dinner, guests will re-join the train and the adventure will continue. On the 4th of October, the train will continue through the stunning Malaysian countryside up to Penang where it will stop for a wonderful reception and inspirational tiger art exhibition. You will then cross the border in to Thailand and you can relax and unwind whilst enjoying a Michelin star dinner on board as you watch the sun set over the beautiful countryside. From ancient temples to jungle clad hills, the 5th of October will be filled with discovery and tiger experts will be on board to answer your every question. In the morning guests will alight at the River Kwai Bridge station for a cruise along the picturesque river with a local historian. They will also visit the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre and the Don Rak War Cemetery. Guests will arrive in Bangkok late afternoon and transfer to the incredible Mandarin Oriental hotel where you will spend the night and enjoy a fabulous VIP drinks reception to celebrate the end of this iconic journey. On the 6th of October you can explore and enjoy the wonderful sites of Bangkok at your leisure whilst soaking up the fabulous Thai culture. 

Ticket prices start from:

£2,960 GBP*

$5,495 AUD*

$4,910 USD*

For further details and booking information, please visit or call 0845 619 1217.

*30% of the Eastern and Oriental Tiger Express ticket price, along with the proceeds from the Save Wild Tiger (SWT) Gala Dinner in Kuala Lumpur, will be split between Save Wild Tiger initiatives run by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Malaysia, the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and the Born Free Foundation (BFF).

Initiatives include:

- Doubling Malayan tiger numbers in the Endau Rompin Landscape in the Johor and Pahang areas of peninsular Malaysia. WCS projects monitor tiger populations, train teachers in environmental education, maintain & establish habitat corridors and carry out on the ground patrols to prevent poaching.

-Investigations and campaigns on the illegal trade in tiger parts and products run by the EIA. Investigators work undercover in dangerous circumstances to gather evidence of the illegal tiger trade across S.E Asia which provides evidence for law enforcement agencies.

-The Satpuda Landscape Tiger Programme (managed by BFF) which works to engage communities, secure crucial tiger habitat, tackle wildlife crime and monitor tiger populations in one of the most important tiger habitats left in the world.

Please CLICK HERE to visit our upcoming events section with further details on these fantastic events