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December 2023

The Tiger Express – Eastern and Oriental Express

Working with our good friends at Belmond we have created the ultimate 6-night luxurious adventure travelling across Malaysia in partnership with Save Wild Tigers.

Kicking off with a night at the iconic Raffles Hotel in Singapore, followed by 3 enchanting nights on the stunning and unique `Eastern & Oriental Express` train travelling across Malaysia. The adventure culminates with 2 nights at the multi award winning Datai, Langkawi.

May 5- 11th, 2024

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Eye On The Tiger

Save Wild Tigers just run the `eye on the tiger` exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. Huge thanks to all our partners, sponsors, suppliers, and volunteers without their help this could not have happened! And of course the great KL public for visiting the exhibition. Overall, the exhibition was a huge success achieving significant national media coverage across print press titles, tv and radio, and great social media following.

November 2023

Save Wild Tigers just run the `eye on the tiger` exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. Huge thanks to all our partners, sponsors, suppliers, and volunteers without their help this could not have happened! And of course the great KL public for visiting the exhibition. Overall, the exhibition was a huge success achieving significant national media coverage across print press titles, tv and radio, and great social media following.

August 2023

`Save Wild Tigers` have enlisted over 30 of the world’s best & award-winning professional photographers to create the world’s largest wild tiger photographic exhibition.

The tiger` exhibition` will feature over 80 stunning images of these majestic creatures. We hope the exhibition will bring attention not just globally but across Malaysia to the endangered species, where in Malaysia we have potentially as few as 100 Malayan tigers left in the wild.

Our renowned photographers from across the globe – including USA, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Australia, Russia, Japan, Germany, India & Malaysia - have very generously donated their time and photographic rights to exhibit their beautiful photographs.

The exhibition in Malaysia will run in 2023 from Sept 22nd to Oct 8 at The Starhill and Oct 9- Oct 22 at LOT 10 in Kuala Lumpur and The Ming gallery & partners in Penang from Nov 3 rd- Nov 30. Profits from the sale of selected images will go towards our Malaysian conservation partners - The Habitat Foundation and RIMAU

December 2022

A Malaysian Odyssey

Join us on a Malaysian Odyssey, across Malaysia’s most treasured and conserved urban & rural landscapes over 7 days and 6 nights in September 2023, with a percentage of proceeds going to Save Wild Tigers. The Malaysian Odyssey, providing the perfect balance of amazing curated events and experiences whilst ensuring plenty of time to simply unwind and soak in the atmosphere at your own pace, for more information click here.

May 2022

The Tigers Kingdom

Ethical food company `The Tigers Kingdom` have launched a range of wild and sustainably sourced wild boar related products into the UK, one of the Wild Tigers Favourite food sources in the wild ! All wild Boar (sourced from Spain) meets the strictest standards of ethical production and practices which ensure wild boar populations remain healthy and protected indefinitely. All packaging is 100% recyclable. The Tigers Kingdom company will donate 2 pence for every pack sold to `Save Wild Tigers`, to help us protect tigers in the Wild. Currently the full range of Tigers Kingdom products are available for purchase in Morrisons stores across the UK.

February 2022

The year of the tiger 2022

To Kick off 2022 “ The Year of the Tiger” join Save Wild Tigers and Danesfield House Hotel for a very special evening on Chinese New Year`s Eve, Jan 31st. We will be co-hosting an exclusive black tie dinner at this stunning venue in Marlow on Thames. This dazzling soiree including cocktail reception, entertainment, and a special dinner menu will kick off Save Wild Tigers year of tiger events culminating in Asia late 2022. To purchase tickets or tables please e mail ; Tickets £180 each. Additionally Danesfield House Hotel are offering a special Tiger accommodation package (including automatic upgrades for all booking made before Nov 30) for those wanting to stay overnight at this stunning hotel set in 65 acres overlooking the Thames – Don’t miss out tickets will sell fast! ( Core visual is part of an original tiger artwork created by SWT ambassador and artist Jacky Tsai for SWT).

Core visual is part of an original tiger artwork created by SWT ambassador and artist Jacky Tsai for SWT).

July 2021

Shanghai Tang

Leading up to the Year of the Tiger in 2022, the latest chapter in this collaboration boosts efforts to rescue the endangered big cat from the brink of extinction.

With International Tiger Day (29 July) upon us, Save Wild Tigers are proud to announce the continuation of its collaboration with Luxury lifestyle brand Shanghai Tang. The second instalment of this partnership, Shanghai Tang first collaborated with SWT and luxury travel company Belmond in 2019 on a South East Asian train trip that raised awareness surrounding the plight of wild tigers.

Following this fruitful venture, Shanghai Tang teams up with SWT once again to support efforts to save critically endangered across S E Asia, one garment at a time. From 29 July to 31 December 2021, Shanghai Tang will donate a portion of the proceeds from sales of the brand’s tiger-themed merchandise across all of its retail and online platforms to SWT. Click on the link to see the wonderful Shanghai Tang tiger inspired merchandise available for purchase today!

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July 2021


Renowned Portuguese wine maker Quinta De S. Sebastiao has partnered with Save Wild Tigers creating the “Rare” Tiger label, to be retailed globally in aid of Save Wild Tigers. Brands need fresh and engaging strategies to cut through with positive innovative brand messaging. Great example of raising awareness and funds for the plight facing increasingly rare wild tigers.

Thrilled to announce that Aldi Australia will become the first retailer in the world to stock and retail (effective June 2021) this gold medal “tiger” winning wine. Great example of a win-win strategy all around.  "The opportunity to work with this renowned Portuguese winemaker and create a 'Rare' blend of wine, is conceptually aligned with our cause and messaging strategy. And now our first global launch with Aldi Australia has given us a great opportunity to further spread our message to a wide Australian demographic. Being so close to Asia, raising awareness in Australia is an important part of Save Wild Tigers' global campaign.

Products like Tiger Bone wine are fuelling the illegal wildlife trade and creating a tiger poaching epidemic across Southeast Asia, which is contributing to the decimation of wild tiger numbers in the region. We're hopeful that the irony embodied in the Q.S.S. 'Rare' wine might inspire some to try our wine and help save wild tigers in the process” comments Simon Clinton.

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Sip a wine, save a tiger: Purpose-led liquor lands Down Under

April 2021


Save Wild Tigers founder Simon Clinton announces launch of new marketing- conservation initiative- InstinXion. “Building on the combined experience and insight from the Brand, agency and Conservation world, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of this all-new, exciting marketing led initiative” says Clinton.

As we enter a new decade on the back of COVID-19, the wellbeing of the planet & safety of all its creatures has never been so critical. How brands engage with this new reality whilst ensuring their continued growth and commercial success has never been so important. Aligning iconic species from the natural world with those in the world of Brands makes InstinXion totally unique.

InstinXion brings together Brands and vulnerable or endangered species (& relevant conservation organisations) to communicate a shared proposition and champion awareness for all, visit

2019 Tiger express

Tiger express

During Sept 2019 SWT partnered again with luxury hotel group Belmond and the “Eastern & Oriental Express” train to create a unique and exclusive Tiger inspired journey from Bangkok to Singapore. SWT ambassador and artist Jacky Tsai had created a stunning tiger inspired artwork on 2 of the external carriages of the train. The journey was a huge success resulting in significant international media pick up.

5 nights kicked off with a reception at the SIAM hotel in Bangkok  was followed by an international media launch of the Tiger express and Jacky`s artwork at Bangkok’s railway station, 3 nights traveling through traditional tiger habits of Thailand and Malaysia, culminating with a cocktail reception & art auction at the iconic Raffles hotel in Singapore.

To help raise awareness for the plight facing wild tigers in this region we were joined by- Kim Jones global artistic director Dior, singer songwriter Mel Blatt from the All Saints, Master chef winner Ping Combes, Victoria Tang creative director Shanghai Tang, renowned Chinese artist Jacky Tsai and our own special tiger ambassador, actress Jaime Winstone.

Oct 2018 - "eye on the tiger"

World's largest ever professional tiger photographic exhibition held at the Royal Albert Hall, London. Over 35 of the world's best photographers featuring 87 stunning photos to help raise awareness regarding the plight facing wild tigers in 2018.

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ANNUAL REPORT: Satpuda Landscape Tiger Partnership (SLTP) 2016

The Satpuda Landscape Tiger Partnership (SLTP), one of India's biggest tiger conservation programmes, recently published its latest annual report.

The Satpuda Highlands in Central India is one of the most viable tiger landscapes globally, and Save Wild Tigers is a proud partner and part funder of the programme. With less than 4,000 tigers remaining in the wild, it is CRITICAL that we continue to support conservation in Satpuda.

Save Wild Tigers has supported SLTP which has been working on the following initiatives in 2016:

  • Preserving corridors of land that link areas of tiger habitat

  • Using solar energy technology to help with tiger conservation in remote areas

  • Educating local communities and ensuring they have access to health services and the tools to live sustainably

  • Employment and training programmes

  • Mitigating human-tiger conflict 

  • Landscape monitoring and lobbying

Read the full report here



In celebration of World Tiger Day, Friday 29 July 2016, we are THRILLED to announce the launch of our new online initiative – "THE KITTY" – a YouTube channel dedicated to cat videos. It’s never been easier to help raise funds for Tigers – Every time you watch a cat video via "The Kitty", a little bit of money goes towards tiger conservation. 

Just follow 3 simple steps:

1. WATCH CAT VIDEOS - hundreds of clips are already available on The Kitty YouTube Channel

2. UPLOAD CAT VIDEOS - Got some funny/cute/crazy videos of your feline friends? Upload them to today so they can start earning money for wild tigers.

3. SHARE CAT VIDEOS - Share any video from The Kitty YouTube Channel via your social networks – the more views they get, the more money we raise! 


Go on - You know you were going to watch them anyway!



The Tiger Temple, a popular tourist attraction in Kanchanaburi province, west of Bangkok, has been exposed as a tourist trap and front for illegal wildlife trade. 

Following mounting allegations of animal abuse and illicit wildlife trafficking from conservation and animal rights organisations, Thai police and wildlife officials raided the Buddhist Tiger Temple under a court order on Monday 30th May 2016. 

The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation undertook an operation to remove all 137 living tigers to state-owned sanctuaries, Pa Khao Son and Khao Prathap Chang in Ratchaburi. Local veterinarians and wildlife conservation organisations assisted in the relocation. 

Suspicions were confirmed when, on Thursday 2nd June, three Buddhist monks were charged after they were caught trying to smuggle tiger skins and charms made from tiger parts away from the temple. 

The gruesome discovery of 40 dead tiger cubs, kept frozen in jars, further compounded speculation that illicit tiger products such as tiger bone wine were being made at the Tiger Temple. 

The Tiger Temple, which for many years claimed to be a sanctuary for the critically endangered species, tacitly endorsed by the tourism industry, has finally been shut down. While this is a victory for conservationists, it raises serious questions about other so-called tiger sanctuaries and farms that have not been subject to the same scrutiny by the authorities.


Save Wild Tigers founder Simon Clinton talked to BBC World News on 15 April 2016 about the pros and cons of translocating wild tigers to former tiger range countries. Will plans to introduce Bengal tigers from India into Cambodia and Amur tigers from the Russian far east into Kazakhstan be successful?  Simon discusses tiger conservation priorities and contemplates the best use of precious resources.

The BBC story followed the conclusion of the 3rd Asian Ministerial Conference on Tigers in New Delhi (12-14 April 2016), where Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that "conservation of the tiger is not a choice, it is an imperative."

Following the conference, Save Wild Tigers, along with 22 other non-governmental organisations, signed a post-meeting statement urging top level action from governments, to:

  • Prohibit legal domestic trade in tiger parts and derivatives from captive facilities among all consumer countries;
  • end tiger breeding for commercial purposes and phase out tiger farms;
  • destroy stockpiles of tiger parts and derivatives;
  • strengthen enforcement efforts and international cooperation to effectively combat tiger poaching and trade; and
  • secure tiger habitat and prevent habitat fragmentation.

Read the full post-conference statement here.



For the first time in recent history, the estimated number of tigers in the wild has increased, giving hope to conservationists across the globe. The global wild tiger population has been steadily declining from 150,000 in 1900 due to poaching, habitat loss and development across tiger-range countries. In 2010, the global wild tiger estimate was reported at an all-time low of 3,200. There are now an estimated 3,890 wild tigers across 12 countries from Russia to Indonesia.

This positive news comes as the 3rd Asian Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation convenes in New Delhi today. The increase may be largely attributed to committed efforts since the Global Tiger Summit in 2010 by governments in India, Russia, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Overall, however, the status of wild Tigers is still CRITCAL. Whilst wild tiger populations in India are on the rise, numbers are dwindling to below 10 in China, Vietnam, and Lao PDR, and the situation in Malaysian and Indonesia is acute. Just last week Cambodia declared that its tiger population is now functionally extinct.  

The new estimate must be accepted with caution as many of the numbers are statistical means or estimates based on the best available knowledge. Actual populations, both today and in 2010, may be higher or lower and some of the increase may be attributed to improved survey methods.

Nevertheless, the upward trend is an inspiring step toward the 2022 goal of increasing global wild tiger numbers to more than 6,000. Currently the biggest threat to wild tigers is poaching to fuel demand for tiger products, parts, and derivatives. If the governments of tiger range countries will adopt a commitment to zero poaching in New Delhi this week, as called for by Save Wild Tigers along with 22 other NGOs, wild tiger populations will have a real chance of fighting back. 



The 3rd Asian Ministerial Conference on Tigers will be held April 12-14 in New Delhi.

Save Wild Tigers joins a coalition of 23 Tiger NGOs urging Ministers to make a commitment at this meeting to Zero Demand for tiger parts in order to achieve Zero Poaching.
While conservation successes are happening in tiger range countires that have strong laws and that value tigers for their role in the ecosystem, URGENT ACTION IS REQUIRED to end tiger farming and all domestic and international trade in parts and derivatives from tigers. 
To read our joint statement, please click here