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With so many geo-political & eco related issues facing the planet, why should we worry that there are less than 5,000 tigers left in the wild?

After all, we can see them in zoos or appreciate their magnificence and historical significance through art, literature and film. Why should we bother to protect this creature in the far-flung corners of Asia?

Why? Because the tiger has walked the earth for two million years. Because we care about the legacy we will leave future generations. Because we can make the difference that will mean survival in the wild as opposed to extinction.  Because, together, our voices must be heard in the call for fundamental changes to international law to protect the tiger.

The wild tiger's survival is in the balance. If we fail to act to save the iconic tiger, what hope do other endangered species have? We have ten years to double wild tiger numbers, or ten years until their extinction. The choice is ours. The clock is ticking - and ticking fast.

Join us today in making the right decision for survival.

Simon Clinton, founder of Save Wild Tigers

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Image ©  Sam Lane