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Our Mission

No one individual organisation or nation can save the wild tiger alone - we all have a role to play to help save this critically endangered animal.

From Leonardo DiCaprio and Joanna Lumley, everyone's talking tigers! But when money is tight, it is crucial to make sure you support effective, credible organisations that can turn words into action.

Tigers have drastically declined by 97% over the past century, with only an estimated 5,000 surviving in the wild. Our mission is to provide urgent and ongoing targeted support for tiger conservation, in a bid to eradicate the increasing threat of extinction that wild tigers face.

Globally, the symbolism and imagery of the tiger has long been used for marketing and resulting commercial gain across numerous brands such as petrol, fashion, beer, the list is endless. Now it is time to bring the power of marketing and creativity to inspire all to help save this magnificent species from extinction.
The tiger is more than just the charismatic animal we see on TV. It is a keystone species that represents the very heart and soul of the jungle. By saving the tiger and protecting its habitat, we also save countless other species that would otherwise be destroyed by human need and, far too often, greed. If we cannot save the iconic tiger, what hope exists for the multitude of endangered species that will inevitably follow in the tiger’s tracks?



Our Mission Statement:

SWT works towards preventing the extinction of the wild tiger across its most viable landscapes, creating an environment whereby the wild tiger can thrive in its natural habitat. We recognise that to achieve this we need to work towards reducing demand for (captive and non-captive) tiger skins, bones and parts & derivatives, thereby stopping the illegal wildlife trade and poaching of wild tigers. We also recognise that we must protect valuable tiger habitat and interlinked ecosystems. To do this we must ensure that humans living in tiger landscapes share our vision and are fully supported.


Our Objectives:

  • To identify and support programmes and initiatives that encourage and promote sustainable demand reduction for captive & non-captive tiger skins, bones and animal parts. SWT will focus on priority tiger demand markets, including China and Vietnam.

  • To identify and act on wildlife crime resulting from the demand for tiger skins and parts. All links and interconnected points in the wildlife crime cycle should be considered. Action will be taken to identify key players, influencers & criminals within world wildlife crime networks.

  • To support effective anti-poaching enforcement measures, tiger monitoring and protection within primary (and viable) tiger landscapes.

  • To protect and promote wild tiger habitat (and interconnected ecosystems) from destruction and fragmentation.

  • To support community based conservation programmes within priority tiger landscapes.

  • To position SWT as a world class leading tiger conservation authority, acting as a catalyst for action and change whilst leveraging the organisation's unique marketing and creative credentials.


Our Approach:

  • Whilst SWT is set up as a single species agenda organisation, we also appreciate the significance of the plight of the wild tiger to a broad range of related conservation issues affecting numerous endangered species and habitats across the globe. We see the tiger as making a critical stand.

  • We will work with and / or  financially support leading conservation and non-conservation partners that can help us achieve our overriding objectives.

  • We prefer to work with partners over the medium to long term, building strong relationships and programmes, and thus ensuring we can build effectiveness and real results into initiatives we support.

  • We will bring a fresh and creative perspective to traditional conservation issues where appropriate.

  • SWT will use its inherent marketing expertise and connections to run and/or manage our own marketing focussed programmes where appropriate.

  • We believe in bringing all stakeholders wherever possible into the action plan to save the wild tiger. We won’t hesitate to work alongside commercial and governmental authorities if meaningful and tangible results can be achieved.

  • We aim to create effective, creative and engaging marketing led programmes which inspire and enthuse a new target audience and generation of  “conservationists”.


Our Aims:

  • To raise awareness within tiger range and non tiger range countries of the issues and actions required to save the tiger.

  • To engage with key stakeholders in tiger range countries, whose support will be critical if we are to succeed.

  • To raise funds that will support our marketing awareness campaigns and on the ground partner conservation programmes.



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