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On Friday 13th November 2015 Save Wild Tigers launched an unprecedented 60 second film for a highly impactful global social media campaign. Captivating, chilling and bloody, the shocking film is set to initiate world-wide support to STOP the unnecessary demand for Tiger parts, which drives an increasingly sophisticated illegal wildlife trade network throughout Asia and the world.

Wild Tigers are being killed illegally to satisfy demand for tiger products such as Tiger skins and Tiger Bone Wine – products that are highly lucrative on the black market. Illegal poaching and wildlife crime is the greatest threat to the mere 3,200 tigers that survive in the wild.

With an estimated production value in excess of US$150,000, Sydney creative agency, JOY, produced this impactful film donating their time and facilities in aid of the campaign. Using a high calibre, award winning team including Australia’s highly respected Creative Director, Steve Back along with EXIT films – the result is a culmination of some of the best creative resource in the southern hemisphere.

“This film is set to have a huge global impact,” announces Simon Clinton, Founder of Save Wild Tigers. “With the recent UK visit by the Chinese Premier, Prince William’s powerful speech on the subject of poaching, and an open letter from 13 NGOs including Save Wild Tigers to President Obama urging our leaders to put an end to tiger trade - which received global media attention - the timing is perfect for such a hard hitting film. Together, we can raise awareness and reduce demand for these products. The logic is simple: Stop the Demand; Stop the Poaching.”

Graeme Wills, former Chairman of Publicis Mojo and current Chairman of Joy said, “ It's not very often you get the chance to have an impact of the future of an endangered species so we were extremely keen to partner with Simon Clinton, founder of Save Wild Tigers.

“We had a very focused objective – to bring to life the plight of wild tigers.  To do this we decided to focus on the root cause of their decline – the ongoing demand for tiger products.  The film component of this campaign beautifully dramatises the depletion of this amazing and important species.  We hope that it will help trigger people to act, and to act now.  If we don't then there will be no need for follow up campaigns – wild tigers will no longer exist.”

Save Wild Tigers is a UK initiative which pro-actively draws together talent from the creative world to highlight the plight of the wild Tiger throughout the globe. From art exhibitions to exclusive campaigns with leading high end brands to Gala Dinners at some of the world’s most iconic venues, Save Wild Tigers seeks to prevent the wild Tiger from being condemned to art galleries and zoos for the rest of time. For more information visit



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