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The World's Worst Wine Review

Tigers are being slaughtered in the wild, so their parts can be used to make trivial products like Tiger Bone Wine.

To raise awareness of this problem, we sent 6 of the world's most influential wine critics an empty bottle of mock-up “Tiger Bone Wine” and invited them to review the world’s most despicable wine. As respected wine journalists, they are best positioned to influence how the world views wine. The empty bottle prompted them to review the wine on the facts rather than the taste. You don’t need to taste Tiger Bone Wine to know it’s the world’s most disgusting wine.

These reviews aim to create awareness in the Western world by informing a large audience about the existence of this horrendous product, and the threats wild tigers face. Raising awareness is a step towards stripping Tiger Bone Wine of its status as a luxury, sought after item. 


2016 Tiger Bone Wine Review

Joanna Simon - UK wine critic

"Tyger, Tyger burning bright,
In the forests of the night…
Not any more they’re not, thanks to this revolting concoction that passes itself off as ‘wine’. On the nose is a stench of the charnel house accompanied by head-numbing notes of death and decay. This is not one for laying down and keeping, this is one for stopping right here in its blood-soaked tracks. The label ought to give it away: a skull and crossbones would do the job. The vintage? Out of date. The market? Beneath contempt. But I’d rather not think at all about this muck. I’d rather – much, much rather – think of the ‘Tyger’ and wonder, with that great visionary William Blake:
When the stars threw down their spears
And water’d heaven with their tears:
Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the Lamb make thee?"


2016 Tiger Bone Wine Review

Matt Swieboda - Australian wine critic

"From the pristine, untamed forests of China comes one of the world’s most unique wines, made in a traditional style so unnatural, it terrifies. 

Sparkling in the glass, a deep hue promises a dark, murky taste of destruction and death to come. This becomes more defined on the nose, the sophisticated wine connoisseur will note aromas of horror, terror and unspeakable, unimaginable pain. Brimming with suffering, sadness and sorrow, this is the pinnacle of shameful, ignorant winemaking. 

Once on the palate, disgusting, wretched and soul destroying flavours overpower. A wine like this is best appreciated in those quiet moments of contemplation, when we question our role in the killing of an entire species for non-existent health benefits.

This is a wine that has no right to a place on my wine list, or any other."




​2016 Tiger Bone Wine Review

Nick Ryan - Australian wine critic

"In my business great length of flavour is something to be praised, but this liquid lingers with an acrid aftertaste that leeches into your nightmares.

I can’t allow it to sully wine’s good name. It looks clear in the glass but a single drop will stain your soul.

Aromatically it offers up the stench of cruelty and fear with an underlying, but undeniable, note of that uniquely human ability to reduce beauty and majesty into the essence of unshakeable shame.

And the taste?

What does betrayal taste like?

What does bastardry taste like?

What does swallowing the last scrap of simple human decency taste like?

They say once tasted, never forgotten, but they’re wrong.

Once tasted, never forgiven."




2016 Tiger Bone Wine Review

Campbell Mattinson - Australian wine critic

"This is a wine for men with small dicks, and for women who wish they had one.

It smells of cowardice, tastes of insecurity, and is pitched at the gullible. To be seen buying it, drinking it, or showing it off is the calling card of a cretin.

The smell and the taste is one thing; the aftertaste has a clear and enduring ring of pity. Its quality is laughable; its existence is not."




2016 Tiger Bone Wine Review

Mike Bennie - Australian wine critic

"Sourced from frightened, maimed animals in pain and suffering, then cruelly killed. Produced for no reason at all, with no actual health benefit legitimately created. 

Putrid aromas of dark, horrible places, swamps, bogs, marshes, with top notes of putrefying animal, rotten game meat and terrified animal scat. Flavours beyond awful with texture of grating, jarring corpse and splintered old bones.

A horrific wine, born of evil, bad places and thoughtless, foul winemakers. No score is low enough for how revolting this wine is."




2016 Tiger Bone Wine Review

Nick Stock - Australian wine critic

"A wine made by second rate criminals and sold exclusively to first rate fools, this has strong aromas of weakness and of fear, also of ignorance and grim deathly waste.

It is a uniquely disgusting wine born of misguided myths passed from filthy hands into pathetic mouths through weak lips.

Made only in filthy, acrid and disease-carrying hovels by gutter-dwellers, losers and low-lifes, it is easily the most insignificant wine ever made, specially crafted for the most insignificant minds, belonging to people with no taste, no style and only weak hearts. The most striking flavour is that of shame and stupidity, and it never goes away."