Support. Survive. Thrive




We are funded through sponsors and, more importantly, public and private donations. Through company sponsorship we secure financial backing which allows us to put on high profile awareness and fundraising events.


We are very privileged and fortunate to work with talented and passionate individuals from the creative and arts industries. We collaborate with artists, musicians, photographers, designers, film directors and producers from all around the globe. They kindly donate their work and time, with profits going directly to tiger conservation programmes (see our inspiration section).


Additionally, Save Wild Tigers uses its creative and marketing skills to sell and trade in related products and services to raise critical funds. Examples include: merchandise, fashion garments, tiger inspired art, tickets to events, limited edition experiences, tiger related travel experiences, etc.


SWT has ambitious plans to raise significant funds over the next 5 years.

We will do this through a series of initiatives that aim to raise awareness of the plight of the tiger whilst simultaneously generating essential funding to secure its future. These initiatives include:

  • Fundraising events in the UK and internationally (both in tiger and non-tiger range countries)
  • Commissioning inspiring and collectable works of art
  • Tiny Tigers children’s programmes
  • Save Wild Tigers merchandise
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Strategic brand marketing alliances

Summary of costs and revenue, please click here.

Summary of governance policy, please click here.