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Save Wild Tigers

Save Wild Tigers (SWT) Partnership Limited is a global initiative set up by Simon Clinton. Simon and his brand marketing agency, The Clinton Partnership, work across the UK and internationally with a portfolio of clients and have played a central role in creating this exciting and crucial global tiger Initiative.

SWT is set up and run as a limited company by guarantee under British law. This structure and legal constitution best enables us to create high profile awareness & fundraising initiatives and events in the UK and internationally, whilst giving us the flexibility to act and take action rapidly.  Additionally, this allows us to commercially “trade” - for example, tiger related merchandise and tiger inspired art - ensuring resulting profits feed back into our conservation programmes.  This legal structure also ensures (under British law) that no member or director (of SWT) can benefit personally from profits generated by the company. We keep our costs to a minimum, and also rely on volunteers and companies to support us to ensure we maximise our profits. Resulting profits are used to: 1. Fund high impact/mass media awareness campaigns across the UK & internationally to raise awareness levels targeting the public and all related stakeholders & maximising opportunities to convert awareness into action; 2. Help fund targeted tiger conversation projects via SWT & our conservation partners.

Moving forward we have ambitious plans to raise significant levels of funds to end illegal trade in tiger parts and products and protect tigers in the wild through a unified, focussed and co-ordinated programme of tiger conservation initiatives.

SWT is run by a small cost effective team, based at our head office in Marlow on Thames in the United Kingdom. This team is supported by a first class team of volunteers and freelance specialists covering the charity, commercial and marketing sectors. Additionally, we work closely with our conservation partners and their specialist conservationist staff; the Born Free Foundation (BFF) , the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Malaysia. 


Our Tiger Team:

Founder of Save Wild Tigers and CEO - Simon Clinton

Project Coordinator - India Bednall

Project and Events Assistant - Lucy Archer

Marketing Partnerships and PR - Sarah Sawrey - Cookson

Senior Art Director - Emma Bristow

SWT LLP Malaysia - Ralph Dixon

Admin and Accounts Malaysia - Zaiton Hashim

Accountants - AZETS Uk ltd


Specialist input via our charity partners:

WCS Malaysia - Dr Melvin Gumal 

Born Free Foundation's Head of Conservation - Professor Claudio Sillero

EIA Head of Tiger Campaigns - Debbie Banks


Save Wild Tigers - The Organisation: 

SWT is an independant organisation, registered in the UK (registered number 9373414). All profits raised go direct to targeted tiger conservation related projects and campaigns run by SWT or our charity partners, the Born Free Foundation (1070906) the EIA (1145359) and WCS Malaysia.

SWT is a single agenda / species organisation, and has no UK or international political, diplomatic or other commercial interests that might impact upon policy, strategy or funding actions.


Conflict Declaration:

The only commercial link to SWT is the founders' marketing agency, the Clinton Partnership. The Clinton Partnership (marketing and communications agency) provide creative, digital and general marketing support where and when required. These creative and marketing services are supplied either free of charge or at heavily reduced cost. SWT will always welcome and work with other marketing and creative agencies who are willing to provide free services to help support our marketing programmes. 

SWT Malaysia is also registered as a limited liabilty partnership company in Malaysia.


This website has been provided free of  charge by the Clinton Partnership. All intellectual creative property and assets are owned by the Clinton Partnership.

Images © Roger Hooper