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Why not sign up and become one of the incredible Save Wild Tiger volunteers helping us fundraise at various events across the UK?

During Tiger Tracks we had an incredible team of 110 volunteers who enthusiastically educated and informed the public on the plight of the tiger.

We cannot speak highly enough of every single individual, without whom events like this would not run. We have had fantastic feedback from our volunteers and we are so impressed by their passion and dedication. If you would like to join us at future events please email


Below are a few words on what our volunteers have to say...

  “Tiger Tracks was nothing short of a magnificently unique experience. It was every part as artistic as it was informative. It’s a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life.” Sam Geden


 “It was an absolute pleasure - I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Everyone on the team has been great." Galina Makohon


 “Tiger Tracks sparked my passion for conservation work. I now realise the importance of the work being done to protect the wild tiger.”  Ross Lonsdale


 “Thank you so much for making me a part of your family and allowing me to do something for an animal that is so close to my heart.” Antonia Cumaraswany


“It was a wonderful event, I hope the tigers have benefitted.” Jan Harwell


“Not only have I worked with some of the most passionate organisations, but I was part of something so much bigger... which is to help save the wild tiger."  Lynne Davies


“The public’s reaction and generosity inspires hope in me for the future of the wild tiger.” Charlotte Hussey


“Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to help save such an amazing animal.”  Mairie Kirkland


 “I really enjoyed my weekend at tiger tracks. It was inspiring working with so many people with such a passion for tigers and wildlife.” Stephen Frankham


Below is a link to a blog by one of our fabulous volunteers, Sam Geden.


Images © Sam Lane